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A four-bedroom, three-bedroom home in a family-friendly neighbourhood within walking distance to schools.
MLS: R2749983

CAD$ 879,900 MLS Listing

The City of Mission is undergoing a generational transformation of 296 acres along the Fraser River that will redefine the community. An 18-month revitalization master-planning effort was launched in 2021 to create a vibrant comprehensive planning area that will support sustainable growth, increase economic opportunities, and drive a bold connection to Mission’s unique historic downtown. Now we are here!

As one of the largest underdeveloped waterfronts in the Lower Mainland, the Fraser River shoreline is set to become an exciting, innovative, and world-class mixed-use community. The waterfront will be home to new employment uses, living spaces, shops, and restaurants, intentionally complementing and accentuating Mission’s historic downtown. The Waterfront Master Plan brings a new dimension to urban living in the City without compromise.

The Waterfront Master Plan is now moving through the public hearing and approval process and adoption of the Plan is anticipated in July of this year. The Master Plan addresses challenges with clear solutions, including a unique Green Shores approach to provide a risk-free ecological buffer for river protection that will incorporate flood protection, while also providing direct access to the Fraser River, and maintaining a natural esthetic experience for residents of Mission and its visitors to enjoy.

A new Waterfront will provide benefits that move beyond Mission to the rest of the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland. Here will be home to a new vibrant space with parks and trails, art and culture, diverse housing options, and innovative business spaces while incorporating its important historical and cultural values.

The time is now to create jobs, establish the City’s new urban heartbeat, and build a renewed connection with nature. Long-term strategies integrated with the City’s Official Community Plan will guide how the Waterfront will grow and develop over the next 40 years, and partnerships and future investment are already occurring to help realize on the potential of this area.

It all comes together in Mission’s Waterfront!

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