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  • 7,000
  • 3 hours from Vancouver
  • 9%

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Updated three-bed, two-bath single-family home with large backyard
MLS: 157809

CAD$ 354,500 MLS Listing

For rain-soaked Vancouverites, Merritt is the rainy city’s closest escape for sun, boasting over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually. What’s less known is that the town is within a 15-minute drive to about a dozen freshwater lakes – Nicola Lake is the most popular – and two rivers. Merritt’s future is closely aligned with green energy. The new Merritt Green Energy biomass facility will begin producing electricity for the provincial grid in 2018, while the Nicola Lake First Nations recently announced construction of a massive solar power facility.

Despite closure of a large sawmill in 2016, real estate activity rose to a record level in 2017. The town has some of the most affordable real estate within a three-hour drive of Vancouver, with three-bedroom homes selling for under $240,000. Panoramic view lots on nearby Nicola Lake command over $1 million.

Work: The new energy plant will likely attract many more com-mercial opportunities for businesses to relocate to this affordable oasis. Merritt is one of the few B.C. towns without a craft brewery, which means “opportunity.”

Play: Merritt boasts a golf course, hiking trails, lawn bowling, cross country skiing, curling, hockey and world class fly-fishing.

Culture: Murals in town celebrate Merritt’s ties to B.C.’s biggest country and western music festival held annually on B.C. Day long weekend.

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