Right Sizing magazine is published by Publimedia Communications Inc. Publimedia has produced dozens of industry-leading magazines and Web sites over the past 24 years while based in North Vancouver. Publimedia is a multi-media business involved in custom publishing, digital media, event development and media sales representation for a wide range of businesses. The longest-running Publimedia publication was Backbone magazine, Canada’s leading business technology publication which ran for 14 years, distributing 115,000 copies per month mostly through Canada’s Globe and MailPublimedia’s focus has always been on client satisfaction, retention and engagement by developing solid business relationships.

A list of previous multi-year media relationships include the following:

  • Backbone Magazine
  • Ski Press magazine
  • Daily Mail Ski magazine
  • Tourism B.C.’s Outdoor Adventure Guide
  • Tourism B.C.’s Ski Guide
  • Financial Post Magazine – Golf Guides
  • The Globe and Mail – Special Inserts

Right Sizing Magazine’s Target Circulation

Launched in the Spring of 2018 with primary distribution is through The Globe and Mail and the National Post with over 100,000 readers per issue, in Vancouver alone.
Further distribution is through realtors, mortgage brokers, select airports and newsstands, totaling 28,000 in monthly average distribution.

  • 28,000 copies distributed in BC and Alberta
    editions of The Globe and Mail 
    and the National Post
  • 8,850 copies within the Globe, BC
  • 9,050 copies within the National Post, BC
  • 3,900 copies within the Globe, Alberta
  • 3,600 copies with the National Post, Alberta
  • 2,600 copies to BC Realtors

Geographic Focus is on the most lofty real estate markets of Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, East Vancouver, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton.

Publishing Frequency 4 issues per year


Distribution through The Globe and Mail and National Post provides instant credibility to the Right Sizing brand. Both publications are: “thought-provoking, agenda-setting, trusted and uniquely influential across social, business and political life. It’s what makes an essential read for Canadians who seek insight, clarity and perspective on the issues that affect our domestic outlook and the world at large. While audience attention for other media is often heavily distracted, these readers spend quality, focused time reading their paper and all that comes with it. Both have an intimate, absorbed and fiercely loyal readership. And, as the top Canadian newspapers with this quality of readership, they remain your essential connection to Canada’s most influential and responsive audience—at a time when quality journalism is needed more than ever.”

Distribution through B.C.’s Real Estate and Mortgage Broker Network provides Right Sizing with access to the most powerful property investment advisers in the province. These professionals are very influential in their clients’ next move. They are responsible for the largest personal monetary transactions in most people’s lives. They act as consultants, psychologists, and negotiators; provide contract legal advice, valuations, financial planning, marketing, family counselling, dispute resolutions, business management, communication skills, customer service and the list goes on. They also stay on top of regional market trends, opportunities and are fierce readers, researching as much information as they can to keep themselves and their clients up to date on the best value and location.