Right Sizing magazine is a great way for us to reach our targeted audience. I have known Steve Dietrich as a quality publisher since 2001. He has once again hit the mark for us and is reaching the most relevant audience, with superior content, design and distribution. We look forward to participating in many upcoming issues.

Brad Pelletier Senior Vice President, Okanagan for Wesbild Holdings, Predator Ridge

I’ve been here since 1988 on this block and never in my wildest imagination would I think that real estate prices are what they are today.

Gab Donnici Dunbar

I always thought I was going to live in this house for the rest of my life – however, at a staggering value of $2.5 million, I could buy a condo downtown, a cabin in the Gulf islands and a condo in Mexico, or, I could buy a mansion in the Okanagan and put $1 million in the bank! Help me out here!?

Gary Bran North Vancouver

There is a bit of an exodus going on out of the central areas of Vancouver to places like White Rock and other surrounding suburban communities and even up into the Okanagan.

Scott Brown President & CEO of Fifth Avenue Real Estate