Editorial Calendar

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Aerial view of Gibsons

May/June 2018 Issue

21 Best Places to Live
• What $800,000 Buys
• 10 Towns Under $200,000
• Upsize, Downsize, Rightsize?
• The New Commute
• The Friends and Family Factor
• The New Rules of Real Estate
• The Future is Passive
• Kelowna: Boom Town
• Right Sizing Your Life

July/Aug 2018 Issue

Revitalization of Small Communities
• What $700K Buys
• Float Home Living
• Vineyards to Live By
• How Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisors Can Help
• Home Inspections
• New Condo Design Trends
• The Price of a View
• Live First, Work Second – Boating
• Cool Small-town Eateries in BC

lake with small boar and cabin

Sept/Oct 2018 Issue

  • Right Sizing your build – Tiny Homes, Modular, Kit homes, Prefab, Timber Frame, Log, Custom etc.
  • Commuting – Float Planes, Heli-Jet, + Top 15 BC Airports
  • Finance: Reverse Mortgages become Trendy
  • Investments: Revenue Generating Apartment Buildings
  • 10 Sweet Homes Under $400K
  • Small Town Cycling – the New Golf
  • Dream Homes: Private Islands, Ranches, Waterfront Retreats.
  • Why Didn’t We Mover Sooner
  • Buying a Small Town Business
worker making coffee

Nov/Dec 2018 Issue

  • Top 10 SEMI-retirement Communities in BC
  • Ski/Resort Town Living
  • What $500,000 Buys You in Scottsdale or SunPeaks
  • Empty-nesters Migrate South
  • Investing: Buying Homes with Other People’s Money
  • Building Trends: New Panel Kits and Eco-builders
  • Foreign Ownership Tips
  • Dream Homes: Private Islands, Ranches, Waterfront Retreats.
  • Cool Small Town Eateries

Jan/Feb 2019 Issue

  • Big Small Town Condos
  • Hi-Tech Homes: Solar, Smart, Green etc.
  • Investment: Rental Real Estate – Do the math!
  • What $700,000 Buys You in Hawaii or Revelstoke
  • Small Town – Winter Outdoor Activities
  • Top Out-of-Town Builders
  • Nicaragua and Panama are the New Costa Rica
  • Dream Homes: Private Islands, Ranches, Waterfront Retreats.
  • Cool Small Town Eateries

March/April 2019 Issue

  • Top 10 Single Family Real Estate Developments
  • $1-Million Buys you these Mansions
  • How to Qualify for a Second Property Mortgage
  • No Uber? Commute with Friends or Car Pool Services
  • Investing: Are you a Shark, Flipper or Investor?
  • If I Won the Lottery I would…
  • My Second Home is my Favourite
  • Building: How to Pick a Builder
  • Dream Homes: Private Islands, Ranches, Waterfront Retreats.

May/June 2019 Issue

  • 15 Small Towns: Where the Jobs are
  • Down-sizing – Up-sides
  • What $800,000 Buys you in Kamloops
  • Friendly Vibe and Fast Friends
  • Passive and Net Zero Homes
  • Vancouver Hotel Suites – for Commuters
  • E-Bikes aren’t for Sissies
  • Dream Homes: Private Islands, Ranches, Waterfront retreats.