Log & Timber Homes

A log house, for many, represents the Canadian dream. Whether it’s nestled among towering cedars in the midst of a forest, or perched at the edge of a freshwater lake, these homes are an iconic fixture in B.C.

From cozy cabins to luxurious log homes, sizes and styles can vary greatly. One option that simplifies the building process is going with a prefab log-home package.

An example of a company that specializes in such kits is Surrey-based Pan-Abode, which sells homes around the world. Its specialty is custom log homes built with Western red cedar, which is common only to North America’s Pacific Northwest. This particularly resilient wood, which is often used in totem poles, can survive 80-plus years of West Coast moisture.

Rauvin Manhas, president of Pan-Abode, says the prefab process involves working with the customer to design their custom home.

“Once the design is finalized, and they’ve got exactly what they want, we custom manufacture that package so all the log walls get trimmed, manufactured and itemized with stickers so you know which log goes to which wall. All of the components come pre-cut, ready to go,” says Manhas.

From that point, homeowners can either build it themselves or hire a contractor to piece it together.

Another example is Discovery Dream Homes, which manufactures components for custom log and timber homes. Houses are shipped around the world.

A home is designed from scratch by working with the client. It’s created in a 3D environment so the customer can view it on a computer. After the design process, the pieces are manufactured—logs for a log house are pre-cut—and are numbered and packaged together for shipping.

“If you’ve always wanted a log cabin, this is a way to bring that dream to reality,” says Ray King, owner of Discovery Dream Homes. “We can fit to the customer’s budget and give them that ‘wow’ factor and the look that they want.”


A business works with you to design your custom home, which is cut and manufactured in a factory, with all items numbered, itemized and shipped to your location. From there, it’s a matter of piecing it together.

Cost range: Kits can cost from $90 to $150 per square foot for materials. With assistance from a builder, the home build can range from $250 to $400 per square foot, depending on the company and designs.

Time to build: Anywhere from eight weeks to six months, depending on the company and design.

Size: No size limitation. Structure size can range from dog houses to destination resorts.

Posted in Fall 2018