Boom Town – Kelowna, Provides Great Value

Almost all communities across British Columbia are experiencing a vibrant building boom. With the mass exodus from Vancouver to smaller communities in BC this certainly isn`t surprising. The Kelowna area seems to have the most development going on (with well over 20 developments to choose from) and offers huge value in homes and lifestyle amenities. Thinking of a move? The links below will provide a great start for your research into current new developments.

1151 Sunset Drive

Condos completed in 2018. Between $569,900 to over $1,569,900. 117 units, sizes range from 1154 to 2157 square feet.

24 Kelowna

Condos in preconstruction with 207 units.


Condos in preconstruction with 400 units.

Central Green

Condos completed in 2018. Between $369,900 to over $485,900. 88 units, sizes range from 771 to 940 square feet.

Diamond Mountain

Condos in preconstruction, townhouse and single-family home development.


Condos in preconstruction, completion in 2020. 116 units.

Granite at McKinley Beach

Condo and townhouse development currently under construction. Between $399,900 to $531,540.  118 units, sizes range from 1078 to 1371 square feet.

Gyro Beach Townhomes

Townhomes currently under construction. Between $895,500 to $1,321,500.  36 units, sizes range from 1399 to 1950 square feet.


Single family lots, Waterside and Benchlands, multiple phases with 85 lots, starting at $242,000.

McKinley Beach

Single family home development and condos in preconstruction. Starting from $255,000. 254 units, sizes range from 1493 to 1770 square feet.

One Water Street West Tower  and

Condo`s in pre-construction. Scheduled for completion in 2020. Between $299,900 to over $1,799,900.  221 units, sizes range from 434 to 2540 square feet.

Osprey at Pandosy Village

Condo and townhouse development in preconstruction with a total of 11 units.


Single Family Home 38 units, sizes range from 1460 to 1817 square feet. Between $549,500 to $649.

SoHo Kelowna

Condos in preconstruction. Starting at $159,900. 92 units.

SOPA Square

Condos in preconstruction. 101 units, sizes range from 1464 to 1658 square feet. $786,900 to over $899,900.

The Ranch at Tower Ranch…

Single family home development. Between 1567 to 1567 square feet. 78 units. Start from $799,900.

University Heights

Single family home development. $729,900 to over $789,900

Urbana at Central Green

Condos in preconstruction. 55 units.

vert. and

Condos in preconstruction, completion in 2020. Start at $279,900. 134 units.

Wilden (Featured Photo)

Single family, duplexes and town homes. Total build out: 2,800 homes. Building lots starting from $250,00 — $650,000.