Publisher’s Letter

The more I venture outside of Vancouver, the more I want to explore: I keep finding so many new places where I could live and/or play. Many are entirely new communities that are being built less than an hour from Vancouver and Calgary–and are well worth the drive (or flight).

Some communities as near as Tsawwassen and as far as Kelowna, or even in the Columbia Valley, are being completely revitalized–they’re nearly unrecognizable these days, actually! Offerings of sparkling new kitchens, local farmers markets, hiking trails and beaches within walking distance are all part of the attraction of these places. Of course, the trend of working from home has certainly facilitated much of this growth in B.C.’s smaller centres.

Even though the local and global markets continue to fluctuate, the value in B.C.’s smaller communities remains strong. Similar to the broader trends of real estate sales and prices decreasing, surprisingly, housing inventory in many communities is still very low, and in some places bargains are still few and afar. Compared to 2021, when real estate was booming, today many developers have been very cautious about overbuilding their inventory. The good news is that building prices have stabilized, and builders have become more available.

In this issue, we look at many other considerations in right-sizing your life that deserve some attention, such as commuting options, and the importance of regional healthcare. If you dream of living in a pristine, remote location, there are also building challenges worth considering. All that said, many of our sources and partners believe that most challenges of achieving your ideal right-sized life can be overcome anywhere in B.C., and are typically worth the effort.

If you are contemplating downsizing, upsizing, or are looking for a new, affordable place to live within B.C., be sure to also review our website archives ( Over the last five years, we have compiled and curated much information and useful resources, profiling more than 100 B.C. communities, developments and lifestyle choices.

I think you’ll agree our writers, editor, designers and digital media team are leaders in their field, and these award-winning, dedicated, multitalented media also have a passion for small towns in B.C. Feel free to reach out to us online to help you in your search for your small-town pursuits.

Steve Dietrich – Publisher