Best Ski Town for Entrepreneurs: Rossland/Trail


Skiing and mining history combine on the flanks of Red Mountain where the silver miners of the previous century have now been replaced with skiers and snowboarders. Red actively markets itself as an alternative to corporate resorts focused exclusively on the bottom line–and that makes it particularly attractive to hard-charging rebels in search of a return to a simpler time when lifts were slower, snow was deeper and skiing was cheaper. Red Mountain Resort boasts over 1,164 ha of pristine skiing and receives 7.6 m of snowfall annually. Of greatest note is the tremendous treed and gladed skiing, where passing storms hold fresh snow for days on end.


You can operate a home-based business or start a software company from pretty much anywhere, but it certainly helps if your housing expenses are kept to a minimum. And it would be hard to beat Rossland or Trail as low-cost home bases, since you can actually purchase a small house in the working class part of Trail for less than $200,000. Perhaps the best example of Rossland’s entrepreneurial, innovative spirit is found in the sales tech company Adventure Engine. The online booking agent started here in 2004 and 13 years–and a couple of software innovations–later, it’s still thriving. Trail and Rossland recently installed lightning-fast broadband to attrace tech businesses.


Resort: Slalom Creek features a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo with access to a fitness club and cinema/games room. MLS®2432029. $379,000

Town: 1,300 square feet of functional living space in new units in Rossland’s Sourdough Row neighbourhood. Prices available at 

Posted in Winter 2018