Spring Issue: Hot Off the Press

The world has obviously changed dramatically since our Spring magazine went to press a month ago, and our concern now is for our readers’ health and future well being. Many experts are already predicting that in our post-physical distancing future the attraction of living in smaller and lower-cost communities, of work-from-home options and of achieving work-life balance long before official retirement will be stronger than ever.

Spring is finally here! The days are longer, the weather is warmer and it’s time to get back outside and enjoy everything this amazing province has to offer. Every time I do a business road trip or get out on a mountain adventure, I’m amazed at the world-class beauty B.C. has to offer. It’s no wonder that this past year, more than 43,000 new Canadians (out of 313,000 nationally) chose to live here. But many of them move to big cities and have no idea that our province has great communities, and great values, in its smaller towns. Even as a city dweller, you can stay within your own province and feel like you went on a real vacation, just by exploring and discovering nearby communities.

Our renewed appreciation for smaller centres is part of a shifting tide. Back in my day, the younger generation was keen to move to a big city, with all the urban amenities and career possibilities it offers. But today, we probably all know someone–whether young or old–who has left the city to move to a smaller place. They’re finding great jobs, buying small businesses or creating remote work situations. Others are retiring or buying that dream home that they can finally afford. In fact, it’s amazing what you can still purchase around B.C. for approximately $4oo,ooo— which buys you a shoebox-sized condo in a big city!

Some commuters, who still need to be adjacent to urban centres, do the “drive until you qualify” math, weighing a commute against the lower-cost of homes in affordable and amenity-rich suburban and bedroom communities. This issue also explores some of the hottest new home features, including rooftop patios, custom home elevators and smartphone-controlled home security systems. We also discovered more developers hosting events for their local residents–everything from wine tasting evenings to pickleball tournaments. And we talked to some of B.C.’s top developers, who have been building positive relationships with First Nations, bringing a promising new dimension to the province’s building scene.

If you’re thinking of going in search of more sunshine, warmer weather, drier air, more snow or less rain, see our chart for the stats on various B.C. communities. Perhaps you’re even considering moving a bit further–whether to economically booming Northern B.C., or to sunny Mexico. The options are nearly endless and we are here to help you discover the right fit for you.

While putting this issue together, we had the privilege of interviewing more than two dozen B.C. mayors who are making a difference in their communities. I was inspired to hear of their accomplishments, goals and what they love so much about their towns. Most impressive, though, is how passionate they are about their home towns, and striving to make life there the best it can be.

Live well!

Steve Dietrich – Publisher