Second Issue Hot off the Press

A couple of friends recently sold in North Vancouver and purchased a waterfront home in Qualicum on Vancouver Island (their story will be featured in an upcoming issue). They sold their home of fewer than 3,000 square feet and bought a larger beachfront property with an even larger house — which just goes to show that right sizing doesn’t necessarily mean small, or smaller.

The waterfront home for this couple is the result of several years of exploration. Previously they had an offer on a property in Sun Peaks, near Kamloops. That deal fell through so their dream of a ski-out property morphed into something else, which took them to the shores of Vancouver Island. So, too, did their needs change: instead of pullout sofas for ski guests, this waterfront home has individual bedrooms — each with its own bathroom — for family and friends.

As the deal closed for this couple, one of the influencing factors was the proximity to Qualicum’s thriving centre. The couple can walk to restaurants — and everything else they need.

And this is the clincher and it’s what people ask themselves before purchasing: If it’s a small community, how much bigger will it get? If the community is developing, what services and improvements come with that? Our Revitalization feature explores what’s going on in numerous communities. Call it a revitalization, or a transformation, or an upgrade — it’s an explosion of activity that is geared toward making communities attractive for residents — and businesses.

And it’s coming to a community near you.

Lynn Mitges


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