Parksville/Qualicum Beach Revitalization

The higher cost of living in B.C.’s Lower Mainland is encouraging a younger generation to discover this beautiful oceanside district that was once thought of solely as a retirement haven.

The city’s Oceanside Initiative project is designed specifically to attract and retrain young entrepreneurs by improving the non-residential tax base, supporting appropriate and planned growth strategies and creating a diverse and sustainable economic base. To that end, several major developments are in the works, including new resorts and condominium projects, as well as the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre.

With more than 44,500 residents, the region is one of the fastest growing areas on Vancouver Island. Bordered by Georgia Strait to the front and Arrowsmith Mountain to the back, Parksville- Qualicum Beach has a vibrant and growing economy, modern facilities and services, a wealth of recreational, arts and leisure activities — all of which showcases its draw as an exceptional place for its work-life balance.

Although the main industries are tourism, retail, services, construction and light industry, technology entrepreneurs are increasingly working from their home base. In 2014, the Qualicum Beach Digital Media Studio opened in a former train station to attract a younger work force.

Parksville and Qualicum Beach Stats
Amount of investment 
2017 permits $3,2 million 
Planned number of new homes
 76 new single-family homes issued permits issued in 2017 
The city is expecting 10,000 new residents by 2041