Comox Valley Revitalization

Migration and real-estate investment have sparked a recent boom in residential and commercial construction with several key infrastructure projects here, including the new regional North Island Hospital Comox Valley, the Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Training Centre, the Stonesleigh Station, and an 84-unit, multi-residential housing project in Cumberland — plus the Anderton Place Apartments, an 89-unit apartment complex in Comox.

There’s also been new investment of the Marina Park harbourside community buildings and improved infrastructure in the harbour, with a new splash park and playground for young families. With two airports, the region continues to support the expansion of services and routes for the Comox Valley Airport.

Through its Business Retention and Enhancement Program across several sectors, the Comox Valley supports improved access to business development resources to help existing businesses retain and expand their operations. The region also fosters a strong growing agriculture industry including dairy, cheese making, fruit, wineries, food processing and local farm markets.

Comox Valley Stats
66,537 (5 percent over 2011) 
Amount of investment
 $131 million (up 16 percent from 2016)
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