Buy a New Home From the Comfort of Your Current One

It’s challenging to shop for recreational property when you live in another area code or even a different province. While there’s nothing like walking through an immaculately staged home, Matterport is a California-based software company that uses the latest in 4K video technology and graphic design to create comprehensive 3D home tours. The tours are so accurate you can even take measurements for accessories like drapes, windows, drawers and garden or patio furniture. Your field of vision can be tilted, shifted and pointed at whatever space in the house you want, while seamlessly moving from room to room. See Matterport’s technology at work in two of the Okanagan’s prime housing developments: the new Gyro Beach waterfront homes in Kelowna and at Predator Ridge in Vernon.,, tour

Buy here: More than half of U.S. adults on the Internet have taken a 3D virtual tour.

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